Video Marketing – Could It Benefit You?

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As many SEOers are now turning the corner into video marketing, many ask about why it may be so special. In this brief article, we dive into some of the reason why certain websites may like to showcase their business through the power of video.

Video marketing consists simply as ranking a video webpage highly in the search results. When the video page is seen in the search results, it will be shows with a small thumbnail.

This is an advantage versus the traditional SEO of ranking a website. As you can see in the picture to the left, the video thumbnail sticks out to be eye-catchy. Searchers will draw their attention to the video because it is irregular from the rest of the search results.

In this picture, you can see that I ranked 3 videos highly for the sole purpose of demoing my video marketing abilities. These are videos that are competing against other SEO agencies, obviously showing the level of competition is fairly high.

Below, I will describe some of my clients who harness the power of video marketing in New York.
Plumbers & Contractors:

Video marketing is a great tool for the blue collar company because it allows you to show your face, show your business and makes it easy for the customer to see the call-to-action (phone number).

With my video marketing, your phone number is displayed right in the title bar, allowing the customer to see your number and call you without having to even watch the video. Majority of my video marketing campaigns consist of plumbers, concrete contractors, electricians & more. These are highly converting videos which will make the phone ring.

Real Estate Agents:

Imagine someone going to Google and typing in “houses for sale city”. Now imagine that searcher seeing a beautiful home, one that they could imagine themselves and their families residing in. That’s how my realtor clients benefit from video marketing.

With a proper website architecture, these video will be displayed highly in both their websites and the search results. Allowing you to create a virtual tour of a home will save you the time and strength of physically showing the home.

*A colleague of mine recently moved from Charlottesville to Nashville. He purchased his home just by viewing an amazing virtual tour.


I currently have a few select instructors on my client list, ranging in all different niches. From business management classes to dance instructional videos, these clients utilize the power of video marketing.

With most of these clients, we present a 3-6 minute video, of them showing off their knowledge in action. When the video cuts off, they are then sent to the instructors website where they can learn more. This is an excellent way of driving traffic to a website.


There are many ways to benefit from video marketing. This is just one of the tools I use when I perform Online Domination. If your ready to showcase your videos for the world, get started by contacting me here.

I look forward to the success

Why Does Google Have Updates?

penguin-2 againSo this weekend, Google rolled out what is considered to be Penguin 2.1 & while this may be daunting for many, there are some positive out of all of this.

Why is there updates to a search engine that seems to be working fine?

While the search engines seem to be working fine, there are many manipulators out there that are using black hat tactics to benefit them and their sites. This is a common reason why people think Google hates SEO.

The reason behind the various updates, including Penguin 2.1, is to enhance the user experience. To eliminate crappy websites from appearing on top. To avoid obvious manipulation to the searches.

Now, many people would hate me for saying this but I don’t mind the G updates. I really don’t. I enjoy them because they usually work in my benefit. With my various methods and techniques, I stay on the top positions while my competitors disappear to a place unknown.

These updates to the algorithm are designed to weed out the bad, spammy websites while giving benefit to the sites that seem to be more natural. Sites that don’t throw thousands of links to it. Sites that serve a purpose.

So how do I benefit from the updates?jerry seo

Easy! Most SEOer’s work mainly on link building. They think that the more links you have, the better your site will rank. Thankfully, they are mistakenly wrong. There are a lot more factors that become involved to these special methods.

So while I really don’t mind these updates, other internet marketers are freaking out. Yes, they are actually freaking out! Been reading about it all day! 🙂


Rankings Update 9/12/13

SEO Rankings 9/12How Does Look To You?


It looks really nice to me.

In an extremely competitive niche like Search Engine Optimization, with over 23 million other companies, being #3 sounds good to me. We have been at this position for 2 days now and my phone hasn’t stopped ringing with consultations.

Being #1 doesn’t always matter. Its about the presentation of your website.

Do you like my site? Have a different design in mind? I have created 100’s of websites with all different types of looks. Contact me to see some of our website designs.

We can customize everything for you.

I Wish You Online Success!

Does Google Actually Have Competition Now?

Who would have thought that Yahoo! would surpass Google in the search engine market. Here is an article from USA Today describing the surprising feat:

googlevsyahoo “SAN FRANCISCO — She’d never cop to it, but — deep down — Marissa Mayer must be savoring some sort of sweet revenge.

When she left Google to become Yahoo CEO more than a year ago, there were more than a few snickers from the Googleplex — often along the lines of, “Good luck, with that one,” and, “Careful what you wish for.”

But one year later, Mayer steered Yahoo past Google in U.S. Web traffic in July — the first time Yahoo has claimed the top spot since May 2011, according to market researcher ComScore.

Yahoo edged Google with 196.6 million unique monthly visitors, to 192.3 million — breaking Google’s two-year stranglehold on the top spot. Games, e-mail and real estate led the way for Yahoo, which had closed the gap with Google over the past few months, ComScore spokesman Andrews Lipsman said.

Yahoo’s traffic does not include data from Tumblr, acquired by Yahoo earlier this year for $1 billion, says ComScore. Microsoft properties, Facebook and AOL rounded out the top five.

Granted, the rare monthly win for Yahoo does not include search and mobile results. But it is, by any measure, a landmark achievement for a company left for dead by many.

Yahoo and Google declined comment on the ComScore report.

“Hire and retain a great team; build inspiring products that will attract users and increased traffic; that traffic will increase advertiser interest and ultimately translate to revenue,” Mayer said in a recent call with analysts.

It won’t be easy with formidable foes such as Google and Facebook. Yahoo’s second-quarter revenue slipped 1% to $1.07 billion, missing analysts’ estimates of $1.08 billion.

Still, Internet analyst Greg Sterling says Yahoo’s traffic win fits nicely into the narrative of Mayer reviving Yahoo. And, on Thursday, investors bought the story: Shares of Yahoo climbed 3%, to $27.90.

Clearly, Mayer has put the exclamation point back into the Internet icon. (Though that might change, or at least be altered, when Yahoo debuts its new logo after Labor Day.)

Something more is going on at Yahoo: Shares have nearly doubled in value since Mayer took over; it has acquired Tumblr and other valuable properties; and Yahoo has refreshed its product line. Mayer even found time to polish her fashion bona fide in an eye-popping Vogue photo spread and profile this month.

The earnest Wisconsin native won’t crow about Yahoo’s July surprise — Yahoo is grappling with the mobile puzzle, as are its rivals — but don’t begrudge her if she and her team celebrate privately.”

If this keeps up, SEO experts and internet marketers around the world will be in awe as we focus on Yahoo! searches.

Although, I doubt we will see any real significant changes. I don’t think people can feel confident saying, “let me go Yahoo that!”.