What Is The Semantic Web?

We are now proud to announce that we now offer Semantic Web Optimization Services which can be found at the following site, What Is The Semantic Web? The Semantic Web is something that many have heard of, yet so many are still in the dark...

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How Social Media Plays A Part In SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a process that helps your website show in search engines. It is used to help weed out non-ethical, non-trustworthy sites and provide users a more friendly search experience with the very best sites in the category of their...

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Why Does Google Have Updates?

So this weekend, Google rolled out what is considered to be Penguin 2.1 & while this may be daunting for many, there are some positive out of all of this. Why is there updates to a search engine that seems to be working fine? While the search engines seem to be...

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Rankings Update 9/12/13

How Does Look To You?   It looks really nice to me. In an extremely competitive niche like Search Engine Optimization, with over 23 million other companies, being #3 sounds good to me. We have been at this position for 2 days now and my phone hasn't stopped...

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