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What Is The Semantic Web?

semantic webThe Semantic Web is something that many have heard of, yet so many are still in the dark about what it truly is. That is because things are still new and of course the semantic web is also something like a mystery since it is still in such early stages of development. In this article we will examine the semantic web and help you gain a clear understanding of what it is so there is no more wonder in your mind. If you are computer savvy and want to make your computer and browsing experience a better one, this is the article that was made just for you!

The Semantic Web is tagged information that computers and other similar systems can easily access and decipher. With it information can be reused and recycled and people spend much less time trying to build their company or business name. Tim Berners-Lee is to thank for the introduction of the Semantic Web just a few short years ago. With the semantic web it becomes easier for search engines to pull out the relevant information , the details that you want, whether you search for your family history, a recipe or your family tree!

With the use of the Semantic Web an article or a document can be taken apart and the guts of it can be learned. This includes information including the author’s name, the name of the article or paper, the topic and the publisher of the article.

There are many ways to utilize the Semantic Web. One way, you will need a DOCTYPE file for your document, a root element ant, and <head> and <title> elements and a body and frame element. The document that has been properly structured in the right way will be displayed in a tree format. All of the elements then branch off of the element according to their importance. Because of this it is easy to design CSS style sheets and to interact with specific nodules with the help of Javascript.

The second and proficient method is called Semantic Markup, where certain codes are entered into the website text. We specialize in using Semantic Markup.

Writing Semantic Web Pages

There are just a few steps needed to write a webpage in semantic form.

  1. Use HTML elements so it is easy to determine what the content is
  2. Be sure that all headers define other headers. You also need to make sure that they are in the right order according to their importance.
  3. Always use paragraph tags (<>) to initiate a paragraph
  4. When navigation is of the essence make sure that you are using lists
  5. Avoid style-based tags

Once these steps are completed then it is easy to make the page your own design and style. You will use Javascript and CSS to do this.

Although this may sound like a foreign language to those who do not handle the insides of computers and their operation, once you get to know and understand the processes things become far easier and you will easily understand what it all means.

In addition to the basics, you can use the semantic web for sites that are already in the process of development. Some of the XML specifications that can be used include FOAF, OWL and RDF formats.

There’s a lot of talk and a lot of buzz about the semantic web. With the traditional form of website design you concentrate your attention on semantic form you are focusing on the relations between these things and how the computer understands it all.

If all of this sounds complicated to you, well, that’s because it is. Semantic web is abstract since it is an idea instead of a technology that is being used. With this idea you combine all of the things that one can see when they browse the internet and describe them and how they relate to one another.

You see, when you go on a website to look for something, you know what it is that you are looking for, what you want. Your computer, on the other hand, doesn’t. When semantic web is used you can learn exactly what it is, whose it is and more.

Learning Semantic Web

Whether you want to try it out for yourself as a web designer or simply want to know the process, there are a few ways that can be used to help learn the semantic web. You should apply all of these processes together to learn the semantic web process and how to do it. Software journals are probably the easiest and the best way to learn semantic web. With a quick web search you can easily find these journals.

Once you learn the process of creating Semantic Web you also need to have the right software to do the job. You learn Semantic Web also the same way that you learned how to use the original computer software for the first time.

The semantic web leaves ontologies of information, so this can certainly help someone with many different things that they may need to use.

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The Importance of Semantic Web

So what does all of this mean to you and why is the Semantic Web so important? First of all, the internet and the number of users accessing it changes on a daily basis. There needs to be a method that can help sort through all of the data, finding only information that is relevant to you and what it Is that you are looking for. This reduces the time, energy and effort that is spent online trying to find things. Whether a business minded individual or someone that simply wants to browse the web, Semantic Web can make it all far easier.

The Semantic web is brand new and people are still playing around with it, trying to learn what they can do. It is most definitely an interesting process that can help the internet expand and explode into a better, more meaningful web that everyone together can enjoy. Why let computers have all of the fun when there can be implementations made and the web made a better place for everyone? When the process of Semantic Web is learned this is just what can happen!

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