Some of Our Ranking Results and Satisfied Clients

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We spent a lot of time looking for the right SEO company and Jason was quite different in his approach of explaining his philosophy and how it was different than most SEO companies. We made a great decision and are very happy with the results online.
David Caldwell

President, Construction & Concrete

I’ve known and worked with Jason for over a year now and with the limited characters here, cannot include all the ways he has helped me. Bottom line though, is that he is a professional, with amazing powers and talents in online marketing and specifically SEO. I should know, I teach SEO to thousands of people every year. I actually learn many things from Jason and would put him among the top SEOs to work with if you get a chance. Beyond that, he is just a very enjoyable person to work with. Find a way to hire this guy.
Joshua Fletcher

SEO Director, Search Explosion

Our partnership with Jason has been a blessing in disguise of a tech nerd, who is extremely passionate about his work. I learn something new with every conversation I have with Jason and I can tell, he loves talking about SEO. We’re currently using him as our main SEO guy for our e-commerce website, and the results have been fantastic. Glad we made this decision to work with him because finding a legit SEO company can be exhausting.
Dorothy Farmer

CSM, Online Boutique

I have had the honor of working with Jason in the field of SEO and Internet Marketing for over a year now. He is a very dedicated, passionate, hard working and extremely knowledgeable professional. The world of Search Engine Optimization is always changing, and Jason is always on top of and ahead of any changes ensuring his clients are taken care of. Jason’s web marketing skills are second to none!!
Scott Shaff

Director of Operations, Tactical SEO, LLC

Jason and SEO Services New York has been a real pleasure to work with. Communication is always on point and never did I feel like we were left in the dark when working with Jason. He provided the service he advertised and proved that his agency is more then capable of getting results on the web. I recommended his SEO services to my brother and he is extremely satisfied as well.
Don Griffith

Operations Manager, Boxing Fulfillment Company

It’s rare that you find a professional that’s as knowledgeable and passionate as Jason. Aside from his elite-level SEO skills, he truly cares about helping his clients succeed and surpass their business goals. If you want results, I highly recommend working with Jason and SEO Services New York. It’s as simple as that!
Sean Pagtulingan

Project Manager, CDK Global

We came to Jason over a year ago after our previous SEO company has done nothing. We were paying for a service, that may have actually made our websites presence on Google even worse. After speaking to a few companies in NYC, Jason was the most thorough with an explanation of what his company does, why his team is different, and how they plan on getting results. He over-delivered, gave us the results we wanted, and now, we’re beating out our main competitors on the search results. Thanks Jason!
Deborah Schneider

Owner, Cosmetics Company

I have known Jason for a little over a year now and I have worked with him and exchanged knowledge on several occasions. His understanding of SEO and how local businesses work and what they need is impressive.

He is constantly one step ahead of the competition through continuous learning and executing what is working and what is necessary.

His main focus is giving his clients results and the best possible ROI and on top of that he is a genuine and friendly guy.

So if you are looking to grow your business by increasing its visibility online I highly recommend you work with Jason.

Daniel Neubauer