2016….whoa! What a year!

While 2016 had its ups & downs, I can say one thing for sure, Google gave us an on-your-toes year. Matt Cutts joined the U.S. government; Google placed ads in Maps; We were introduced to AMP.

We have also partaken in a lot of amazing experiences. We introduced our parent company, Break The Web, Inc. We have effectively improved our internal systems to satisfy clients with smaller budgets. We have also networked and gathered intel with some of the greatest SEO minds of the world.

Even more so, throughout 2016, we were presented with a few algorithm changes:

  • Core Algorithm Update – January 8th, 2016
  • Core Algorithm Update – May 10th, 2016
  • Mobile Friendly 2 Update – May 12th, 2016
  • Possum Update – September 1st, 2016
  • Penguin 4.0 #1 – September 23rd, 2016
  • Penguin 4.0 #2 – September 26rd, 2016
  • Penguin 4.0 #3 – October 6th, 2016
  • Core Algorithm Update – November 10th, 2016

Throughout all of these algorithmic changes, as you would expect, we remained completely unaffected, not receiving any sort of penalty, and 85% of the time, our clients’ rankings have improved tremendously.

Because of this, I quickly gathered a few of our favorite rankings from 2016. All of these are current satisfied clients of ours who are experiencing tremendous traffic increases, as well as increases in sales and conversions.

*Shhhh: one of our clients is currently in discussion to have their company bought out by a HUGE competitor!

Take a look below at some of our favorite rankings from 2016…

note: to protect the privacy of our clients, all search terms have been blurred out

Rankings #1

Campaign Started in July 2016; Page 1 by August 2016; #1 By December 2016

Rankings #2

Being on page 1 is great and all, but being #2 is way better!

Rankings #3

From Page 4 To Page 1 In Less Than 4 months, Yes Please!

Rankings #4

#1 in 2 months
“Thanks for the holiday gift”

Rankings #5

Bottom of Page 1  #1 in a few short months

Rankings #6

In 2015 we made you #2. We don’t accept shortcomings!

Do you even rank?

Many so-called “SEO agencies” talk about how they’re the best company. Where’s the proof? Where’s your website ranking?

I take in pride in the fact that my agency has been in the top 2 positions for every “New York SEO” term for over 2 years and that we deliver amazing results for every client.

Are you ready to start getting results?

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