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Using The Many Services By The Top SEO Expert In New York Will Bring You To #1.

According to the real Google search engines, I am the #1 SEO service provider in New York.

Stop Wasting Your Money For Page 4 Results!

I’m tired of seeing countless businesses trying to raise a successful online presence suffer from complete failure.

Is your business not getting the traffic it deserves? Are Business failyou lacking an online presence? Do you feel like the competition is pushing you out of the market? Does this make you feel beaten down and unaccomplished?

Whatever your reason is, it’s time you become #1.

Like many businesses, big or small, we want to be seen online. The internet is the world’s largest resource for finding information.

How much information can you provide if your not visible?

Statistics show that most search engine visitors do not go past the the first page, some even the top 5 results.

What if you and your business could be on top of the search engine rankings, for competitive keywords, in a niche most businesses would dream of?

First, I must say this.

DISCLAIMER: If you are looking for a huge SEO firm that will assign you a representative that is more of a salesperson than an expert at SEO, that will take your money without showing you results, and that the only satisfaction you will get will be from the fact that you spend $20,000/month to contract a big firm, you should look elsewhere, this opportunity is not for you.

WHO AM I & What Do I do?

Jason BerkowitzI’m Jason Berkowitz, I’m an internet marketer, I make businesses money & according to the real Google search engines, I am the #1 SEO service provider.

For years, I have been helping various companies achieve a successful online presence. With numerous methods, some even unheard of in the SEO community, I allow my clients to see sales and web traffic in increasing numbers.

I received my start in SEO with my passion for fitness. I had a wealth of information in my head that needed to be in the minds of the unmotivated. The minds of people who were searching for a way out of their daily routine.

This passion brought me to the internet where, now, I currently run some of the top fitness related websites on the Internet. [divider style=”hr-dotted-double”]

Now, imagine, every morning waking up, knowing that your website is the top website for its niche.

This feeling of accomplishment will carry over throughout your day as you watch your business soar.

How can you be #1?

In a world, with updates such as Panda, Penguin & other search engine algorithm changes, it can be hard to be viewed by thousands.

What if you had an SEO expert that completely understands these changes and his clients’ sites remained unaffected?


Jason, you have been absolutely amazing to work with. We had a record breaking number of calls today and it feels weird actually being busy. Were expecting to have our best month in over 10 years.
Over the last few months, I have expanded my company out of NY and this feeling of success is a bit overwhelming for my wife and I. Thank you so much man!
I have been working with Jason for over a year now and since then, I moved my office from a crummy basement space to a top level suite in Midtown, NY. Business has been booming and my website is bringing me tons of call. You have been a blessing.
So, the site hit #1 today, a lot faster then you initially anticipated. This is going to be an exciting journey. I’m scared to leave my phone for even 5 minutes. WooHoo!

Is This What You Want?

Is This What You Want?

I am that expert. You’re not paying for a big firm, on the 45th floor, in some expensive suite in New York.

You’re paying for someone who has been through the struggles running a business and understands the need for an online presence.

I personally speak and collaborate with each one of my clients on a weekly basis to ensure they are happy.

Here’s What To Do!

Fill out the form below to receive your complimentary website analysis.

Included with this analysis, you’ll get your hands on SEO Ripoff Report: How To Find Out If Your Paying For The Wrong Expert, a free report for you to download and use to help you decide when picking the right marketer.

Included with our SEO services, you will receive:

  • On-Page & Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization techniques and tactics that will blow away the competition: SEO is the only way your website will get the necessary visibility needed to bring your company to the next level. Without it, your website will continue to stagnate and fester without serving its true purpose, to bring new business into your company sales funnel.

  • Keyword Research Domination

Without proper keyword research you have nothing. I find the perfect keywords that potential clients and customers are looking for and put together an attack plan to rank your website on the first page of Google for the most dominant keyword phrases.

  • Full Competition Analysis

Are you tired of watching the competition stay five steps ahead of you online? With the right competition analysis skills, the playing field has been leveled. I will find out exactly what you’re competition is doing, how they are doing it and what’s needed to jump ahead of the pack. This is how you dominate the search engines and it’s an absolute must if you’re going to compete in today’s Internet business world.

  • Video Marketing Including A Real-Time Interview With You, The Business Owner

In today’s digital age, it’s more important than ever to have a video presence online. Your potential clients and customers want to know more about you (the owners and staff) and less about your company. They want to do business with people that they know, like and trust. Creating a presence with video allows your prospects to take a look behind the curtain and meet the real people behind your company.

  • Conversion Tactics

What’s the point of having all of this website traffic if nobody’s buying anything? I’ll help you set up a sales funnel that attracts the best prospects and ultimately turns them into high-value paying customers.

  • Monthly SEO Reports

Stay up to date with monthly SEO describing where your site is, monthly traffic, what was done to benefit your website and the keywords you will continually rank for. These reports will be personalized just for you and distributed on a special page where only you have access to.

  • Plus Much More





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