Having a website for your business is not optional these days. It is now mandatory to have a site, no matter how small you are, if you want your brand to grow.

But there are many considerations you must remember when creating your site, and these include having a mobile-ready website, curating excellent content, and having user-friendly buttons that can make it easy for people to share your posts.

However, when you look at sites, many site owners commit mistakes that are easily avoidable. These errors may seem trivial, but they contribute a lot to making or breaking the integrity of your brand.

What are website building mistakes you must avoid? Here are common mistakes many entrepreneurs are guilty of:

1. Your fonts are either too large or too small

When building your site, you must always have the reader in mind. When you come across websites with fonts too large or too small, most likely you want to leave the site for good.

The reason why you’re putting up a website is that you want to show to the world what your brand is capable of. You want others to know of your products and services. However, if you cannot showcase the best you’ve got, then you are not contributing to the improvement of your company’s integrity.

If you choose to publish with the wrong font size, you are losing customers in the process because website design and layout all contribute to improving your brand’s integrity. No matter how great your content is, if you don’t get to deliver the way people would want to read your posts, then you are not doing your company a favor.

The recommended font size is 16px for desktop and tablet. You may want to apply this font size to your website and see how the audience responds.

2. Your website is not mobile-ready

A few years ago, having a mobile version of your site was optional. However, these days, with more people using their smartphones to browse the internet, it is mandatory for every website owner to have a mobile-friendly version of their sites.

On some web building platforms, creating a mobile site would require you to build a new site just for mobile. On other site building platforms, such as WordPress, the mobile site is created automatically for you when you create the desktop site. For some, building another mobile site is better because they get to choose a customized layout just for mobile use. However, for some, they like the automatic creation of a mobile site because the website turns out responsive.

Whatever you choose, whether you build the mobile site from scratch or you want it automatically created for you, the crucial thing is you must have a mobile-friendly website, along with a desktop-ready one.

3. You publish poorly written content

Let’s say you now have a mobile-optimized and excellently built website. It is going great so far. However, if you only focus on the visuals and not on content, then you are setting yourself up for failure. The reason being people also value excellent content. They cannot deal with crappy content, posts that are poorly written and edited, and posts that do not provide any value.

Along with publishing a reader-friendly website, you must also focus on creating excellent content. You must make sure that your current and potential customers do not lose their trust in you just because of simple oversights such as the interchange of “your” and “you’re,” and “stars” and “star’s.”

While building a website is now a standard for all enterprises, you should make sure that the site you publish is worth visiting by current and potential customers. Avoid these mistakes to improve your company’s integrity and brand name further.

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