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"it’s nice to not be left in the dark"

We’ve worked with SEO Services New York for several years. They’ve helped us reach our SEO goals, and have continued to work to maintain a high ranking. We’re particularly grateful for the level of communication they provide, it’s nice to not be left in the dark.”

Dr. Jill Blakeway, Clinic Director
The Yinova Center

The Problem

By the time The Yinova Center reached out to us, they were heavily penalized in the Google search results by the Penguin Algorithm Filter.

Before us, they enlisted the services of a questionable SEO agency that led to disastrous results in 2012. With an avg. ranking position of #91 (Page 10 search results), The Yinova Center was ready to get back to the glory days of increased traffic from organic search.

Our Solution

Based on the data during the analysis, we developed a full-fledged plan of attack to battle these issues and bring The Yinova Center back to the forefront of their target customers.

SSNY built out a comprehensive link audit, separating the good backlinks from the harmful ones. The harmful backlinks were put on a blacklist, leading Google to reconsider the penalty filter and small results were noticed.

A full Search Engine Optimization strategy was implemented, including full on-page SEO modifications and manual outreach to obtain placement on relevant & authoritative websites, signaling to Google a new variety of trust & reputation.

To fix the loading issue, a brand new website was developed to match the old website 100%. The new website contains less script bloating and has allowed YinovaCenter.com to have an avg. load time of 3 seconds.

The Results

The Yinova Center has achieved massive success due to being the go-to acupuncture clinic in NYC, according to Google search results. This demand has allowed them to increase their natural supplement line and move locations to a better suited Midtown clinic office.

The Yinova Center’s clinic director, Jill Blakeway, is current working on her new (future best-selling) book, while making the round on various media outlets including frequent appearences on Good Morning America, Dr. Oz & much more.

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