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Founder, SEO Director – Break The Web

SEO Speaker For Conferences, Masterminds & Training

SEO Theory

What’s SEO and what’s involved; Learn the lingo, nuances & much more.

SEO Execution

How to efficiently execute an organized SEO campaign with tips, tricks & tools.

Developing SEO Success Since 2009

My name is Jason Berkowitz…

… and since 2010, according to Google, my agency has been listed as one of the top 3 SEO providers in New York City. As you know, that doesn’t happen by accident.

My experience with SEO has allowed me to formulate a philosophy. A philosophy that focuses on authority creation & trust building. These are the cornerstones of every SEO campaign we entertain.

In 2012, I gave my first presentation on SEO to a crowd of 750 business owners that were looking for tips on how to increase their brand’s visibility.

Since then, I have had the opportunity to speak at various events including workshops, conferences, masterminds and company outings.

Based in New York City (willing to travel)

Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Technical SEO

Advised Brands of All Sizes

Award-Winning SEO Agency Founder

All SEO Talks Don’t Need To Be The Same

Most business owners are accustomed to the typical SEO speakers talk.

The SEO speakers typically discuss where people need to put their keywords on the page. “Put one in the title”, “throw one the H1 tag”, “make sure you don’t put the keyword more than 3 times”, etc.

While this information might be useful for some, it simply leads to a false sense of hope when the individuals attempt to see a noticeable increase from the simple tactics expressed in the speech.

About Me

Based out of New York City, I’m the Founder and SEO Director of the Inbound Marketing agency, Break The Web.

Developed from the need to drive traffic in-house for a previous business venture, I’ve spent years testing and performing data analyzation to craft the perfect SEO framework that can be replicated to a variety of industries.

Through this framework, I’ve been able to educate hundreds of individuals over the years about proper SEO strategy & execution.

I have a dog & a hedgehog, enjoy muddy obstacle races and have ‘fallen’ in love with skydiving in recent years. 


“Jason demonstrated in-depth knowledge and professionalism from start to finish. He made SEO accessible to us.”

“If you are banging your head against a brick wall wondering where to turn next, Jason Berkowitz is the guy you need to turn to.”

Jason is the guy that seems to always be one step ahead when it comes to SEO and online marketing.”

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