Simple Tweaks That Can Improve Your Rochester SEO Ranking
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One thing is for sure: you do not need thousands of dollars to be on top of search engine rankings. Many business owners feel alienated by SEO technicalities that they are compelled to hire expensive companies to do the job for them. Although there are Rochester SEO companies that can deliver results, others are better off advertising what they cannot do than what they actually can.

SEO requires time (lots of it) and putting attention to the smallest details. And although there are basic SEO rules that you have to follow, there are also often overlooked rules that you must address to give your business an edge over others.

Your site and your every post may already be optimized for SEO, but why is your business unable to get ahead.

Operating in Rochester, New York can prove to be a challenge for small businesses, but it is possible to get ahead. You can take a look at the following “little things” that you may have missed when building and tweaking your site:

  1. You are overdoing everything

You have great content, and you publish consistently. But, are you overdoing everything? Are you posting every day and putting in at least 20 keywords for every post? Think again. Any site visitor who is bombarded with affiliate links for every sentence, and who is forever distracted by pop-ups will more than likely leave your site for good. It can be a waste of time to be dealing with otherwise spammy content, and so you want to keep the audience engaged while giving subtle hints on what you are selling.

Another thing that you should get away with is from putting too many keywords. What you may think as good for your SEO is hurting you, because too many keywords can result in search engines getting confused on what you want to say. Only put relevant keywords, even if that only means having to put three keywords.

And while consistently publishing is good for your SEO ranking, overdoing it can put out the anticipation from your audience; thus, your high-quality content ends up being taken for granted. Consider publishing once a week on the same day, at the same time. Being consistent without giving away too much can give your audience something to look forward to, and you’re able to put together posts that are well thought-of.

What to do about it: Consider posting well-curated content just once a week, only put the relevant keywords, do not bombard your audience with pop-ups, and be easy on the affiliate links. If anything, be honest and tell your audience that your site has affiliate links. But also explain how you chose your affiliate companies and why you’re promoting them the way you do.

  1. You forgot about local SEO

Local SEO, which refers to listing your site on search engine sites and their respective maps, is a powerful tool especially when customers are around your area of operation. Local SEO works much like online yellow pages, where potential and current customers can get your basic company profile and can contact you once you’ve piqued their interest.

Many businesses overlook the power of local SEO in Rochester, and it is not uncommon for companies to put in the wrong information, may it be the address, website, telephone number, location, operating times, even business name! The address may also be pinned improperly on the map, and so customers are led into the wrong address and can result in you forever losing that client.

Consider setting up a page on Google My Business. Since Google is the biggest search engine, you can reach a lot of potential customers using this platform.

What to do about it: Double check your listing. Make sure you have the accurate details in place: business name, address, website, telephone number, email addresses, operating times, and location. Do not take this for granted because it takes some time for search engines to apply changes to your listing.

  1. Your domain is not SEO-optimized

You may not have considered it while you were setting up your company, but your domain can make a big difference on your SEO ranking. Putting dashes on your domain, for example, “”, can hurt your SEO because one, the domain is forgettable; two, search engines do not like domains with dashes; and three, people forget whether they need to put a dash when typing your website. You then end up with a forgettable site just because of the wrong domain.

What to do about it: Consider republishing your domain and putting away the dashes. But do not forget to update your other pages where you already have the existing domain posted. You can also consider putting a redirecting page from your old domain to the new one, so customers will not get confused with your websites. But redirection is only recommended for businesses who have been existing for a while. For new ventures, you can go with just republishing your new domain.

It is possible to further improve your SEO strategies by following these tips. Rochester, NY may be a challenging city for small businesses to thrive, but it is possible to show to the world what you’ve got through the excellent services you offer, and the streamlined marketing strategies you have on board. Many times, it’s the “little things” that matter.

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