Wix is a website building platform that has started with the drag-and-drop feature, making it easy even for starters to build their websites. There are a lot of templates to choose from, and editing site layouts are straightforward even if you’re not adept at coding and website building.

Wix is different from WordPress in that Wix is a visual platform that allows you to build and maintain websites even if you haven’t tried building sites before. Wix claims that it is the most user-friendly building platform, giving people the opportunity to start their websites without having to go through the hassles of learning programming.

Lately, we have seen more businesses using Wix to build their sites. The idea of building sites using visual drag-and-drop tools is appealing to many people, especially starting entrepreneurs and bloggers.

It is free to set up your site with Wix as long as you are okay with .wix.com attached to your domain. However, if you are publishing a company website, it is but imperative for you to get your domain because this is one of the many ways by which you can cement your brand’s integrity.

But while Wix has pulled in many starting entrepreneurs and bloggers, there are also many current and past customers complaining about its service. Is Wix an excellent platform for building company websites? Or is Wix only for hobby bloggers?

Platform restrictions

For one, Wix may be easy to use, but the platform has many limitations. You cannot set up SEO tools, input advanced programming codes, and change layouts. You also cannot integrate plugins that are commonly present in other web building platforms, such as in WordPress.

Even if you pay for additional plugins, the items to choose from are limited compared to what’s available in other web building platforms. You also have to pay extra for SEO tools that are already integrated on the WordPress.org platform.


While Wix.com has affordable starter packages, it can be expensive as you go up the ladder. But don’t get fooled by the prices because you can’t get rid of the Wix banner advertisement unless you commit to upgrading to the Unlimited plan which is priced at $12.50 a month. This is a high price to pay because storage is only up to 10 GB. And this price does not include private hosting just yet.

Compared to WordPress, you get 10 GB for the basic plan of $2 per month, and that’s with private hosting already.

On Wix, you also have to pay extra for plugins that are already integrated into other website platforms as you pay for plans.

Loading speed

Current customers complain that Wix websites load slower than sites built with other platforms like WordPress and Squarespace. It may be because of the small storage allocation for all plans, and the restriction of hosting your site on your server.


Wix may be easy to set up with drag-and-drop tools available as you build your site. However, there are many restrictions as to how you maintain and improve your site. You have to pay extra for SEO tools and plugins, and you pay more for fewer features.

If you are a starting business or blogger, you may want to consider using other website platforms such as WordPress and Squarespace because they offer more features for less the cost. For the long-term, it is best not to go with Wix.

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