The name of the content marketing game is changing thanks to increasing power by the consumer. Streaming services such as Netflix allow users to watch shows without commercials. Excess banners on the periphery of websites are getting ignored and no longer clicked. The ads that play at the beginning of certain Youtube Videos can be skipped. The conventional way of marketing is undergoing somewhat of an upheaval. Therefore, your content marketing needs to be able to adapt. Here are some pointers for how to successfully utilize content marketing.

Visual Content  –Users love visual content because it’s lightweight, easy digestible, and is appealing to the eye. Mentally, visuals are processed more quickly than text. For instance, imagine that you are sitting in a board room watching someone give another PowerPoint presentation about their latest proposal. What is more likely to catch your attention? Slides that are filled with images, or slides that the speaker directly reads from? Slides that are filled with images allow the speaker to use the pictures as a guide, instead of using words as a crutch. Try utilizing infographics which educates because they can also serve as a great vehicle for more brand recognition, which translates to more traffic and attention towards your company.

Influencer Marketing – Influencer marketing is no longer about the attention that a celebrity endorsement can bring to a product. Marriott, the well known hotel change, recognized that fact and launched a successful influencer marketing strategy with a non-traditional stance. David Beebe, Marriott’s Vice president of global creative and content marketing for Marriott International, said that his plan focused on content, community, and commerce, otherwise known as the 3 C’s. He has partnered with multiple people across a variety of social media platforms in order to produce content, which includes travel videos, travel vlogs, and short films. David asked the influencers to present a concept to him. The individuals that he works with are given almost complete artistic freedom to do as they want, so that the two can establish a platform of trust. For instance, in order to appeal to people wanting to highlight a loved one in their life, Marriot created a 12 episode series called Year of Surprises. This was geared towards their Marriott Rewards members, who asked people to nominate and submit someone who they felt deserved recognition and a surprise in their lives. In order to appeal to a large subscriber base, he partnered with Jack Harries, who directs a travel vlog with over 4 million subscribers on YouTube. Jack was sent to produce several short videos in countries where Marriot had a notable presence.

Utilize Social Media Strategically – Think of social media as your way to advertise your content. Say you’ve justSocial Media Content Marketing posted a new article on your blog. Let the world know. Post it on your Facebook. Make it shareable and clickable on your Instagram profile. Let the Twitter world know. Advertise it on your Snapchat story. Social media holds an enormous amount of consumer power so don’t be afraid to tap into it. However, be careful about what you post. The goal of any content that you create should be to educate your consumers, not to advertise. Analyze your social data so you know which audiences like to see what types of content. Know what works well, what doesn’t, and adjust. Track your email conversations and social shares. Be honest if your data reveals that not everyone who shares your post is actually taking the time to read your posts. Adjust accordingly Are your Facebook posts conducive to open conversation on a public forum? Are they meaningful to your audience? Are you educating your readers about something that can help them become more engaged with your service or your product? The more you can make your product and your field matter to your audience, the more likely they will further engage in any relevant materials and conversation you hope to open to them.

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